Monthly C2 the P2 seminar series.


  • See you next year!


  • Michael E. Papka, Overview of the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, April 01, 2024 [video]
  • Haider Abidi, Application of Machine Learning on FPGAs for Charged Particle Tracking, February 05, 2024 [video]
  • Federico Meloni, Muon Collider Computation and Simulation, December 04, 2023 [video]
  • Lincoln Bryant, Computing experience at the Midwest Tier 2, UChicago ATLAS Analysis Facility, and Open Science Pool, November 06, 2023 [video]
  • Carlo Varni, Track Reconstruction with A Common Tracking Software, June 09, 2023 [video]
  • Nick Smith, Object Stores for CMS Data, April 03, 2023 [video]